women in kimono holding cotton candy
Photo by Satoshi Hirayama on Pexels.com

Novel: The English Teacher


When a chance discussion introduces the idea of teaching English in Japan, the gregarious yet still single Mitchell Taylor decides the time is right to shake his depression, find direction, and venture out into the world. But as a queer, Jewish American twenty-something who has never taught English or been to Japan, and with little knowledge of Japanese language and culture, the learning curve will be a little scary, sometimes funny, and always an adventure. Mitchell’s fish-out-of-water experiences as the hilariously-named “skinhead sensei” lead him to a chance at romance, a zany new group of friends, and a reevaluation of his passion and purpose. The English Teacher: Japan, the first in a three-book series, explores how teachers are unexpectedly born, and how we sometimes have to lose ourselves to find ourselves in the unlikeliest of places.