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Esxence 2016 – Roundtable – Judging & Criticism in Artistic Perfumery

On Thursday, March 31st at Esxence 2016, I joined Dr. Bodo Kubartz of Passion & Consulting, Art & Olfaction’s Saskia Wilson-Brown, and event organizer Dr. Claus Noppeney of the Scent Culture Institute for a panel discussion titled “Judging & Criticism of Artistic Perfumery.”

The panel defined artistic perfumery as a type of creative design where the perfumer is not necessarily limited by someone else’s concept, brief, or vision. Art itself lies at the core of artistic perfumery and as such, the panel addressed how such art can be judged and critiqued. See full article HERE.

April, 2016 Esxence (Milan, Italy): Judging & Criticism of Artistic Perfumery (with M Harrison, B Kubartz, C Noppeney & S Wilson-Brown).