Photo of people using virtual reality by Geralt for Pixabay
Photo of people using virtual reality by Geralt for Pixabay

TV Review: Your Home Made Perfect (BBC 2)

Ever struggled to imagine what your home might look like with some major renovations?


BBC2 presents “Your Home Made Perfect“, currently in season 3, harnessing the power of fully immersive virtual reality to help clients envision renovations. If only I could have used this technology before painting my living room turquoise; happily it’s back to off-white now.


With so many home reno shows to choose from (can there be too many?), it can be challenging to find a few that really stand out. When my husband discovered Your Home Made Perfect while on a business trip, he enthusiastically reported back to me, “The homeowners get to move around in the designer’s imagination.”

Screenshot of Your Home Made Perfect on BBC2

And they do indeed, and boy is it ever exciting! For example, a couple or family will explain the problem they are having with their home to the program hostess (Angela Scanlon). In seasons 1 and 2, there are two designers – Laura Jane Clark & Robert Jamison – who compete for the homeowners’ makeover. Laura (born is Scotland and raised in Whales) is a warm, stylish, and down to earth architect who loves front entrance ways with views through to the garden and skylights. Robert Jamison (Ireland) is a retro-modern architect with Japanese, mid-century, and Lloyd Wright leanings; he loves some bench seating.

It’s exciting each week to not just watch a makeover, but to see how the architects’ visions are brought to life for the homeowners (full VR), the tv viewers at home (how do they do that?), and the host and other architect (watching in another room). Best of all, even though it is a competition, the architects compliment each other’s work and discuss their successes together; like other British shows I’m into, there’s an overall warmth and optimism to this reality makeover series that leaves me wanting more by the end of every episode.

Featured image by geralt for Pixabay