Technicolor Third Space: Developing the AutoEthnographer Literary & Arts Magazine

In this brief, animated autoethnography, I utilize the concept of a sociocultural third space as explored by theorists Bhabha, Packer, hooks, and Oldenburg to consider why evocative autoethnography can benefit from its own literary and arts journal. I also utilize this presentation as an opportunity for reflective practice, considering my various identities as a magazine-reader, writer, editor, and autoethnographer in order to examine my rationale for development of the journal, and to explore how the numerous cultures in which I participate – online education, digital publishing, and the creative arts – have conspired to support my technicolor vision for a digital celebration of autoethnography.

Presented at the 2022 International Symposium on Autoethnography and Narrative, January 3-5, 2022,


Featured image by Pexels for Pixabay